Those Who Has Problem To Connect With Maxis

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Those Who Has Problem To Connect With Maxis

Post  GM Kaizer on 1/6/2010, 5:12 pm

This Post Only For Maxis BroadBand User That Have Problem To Enter Akira RO..

i will give guide step by step..

Step 1

first of ur START MENU and Find Network Connection...See Picture If Not Understand..

Step 2

after that right click at ur MAXIS and click create copy..


after has create a copy of ur maxis..right click again and rename it to "maxis dns"


after finish rename..right click again and click on properties..


in your properties click on networking like what are shown in picture..


then just enter like what has shown in the picture..

after that just click ok..and right click again at ur maxis dns and click connect..and u can play akira..

this guide only for a while..after maxis dns is ok..u all do not need to follow this guide..
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